Replacement Parts

Gutter Warranty

Your downspouts are most likely to get damaged at some point. They get stepped on, ran over, or have objects ( kids, toys, etc) banged against them. Expanding ice sometimes splits the elbows. Strong winds or heavy ice loads can rip them down.

That's why we offer the ACM Gutter Plus Extended Warranty tm, offered only through our Elite Rainware Contractor program. If you have damaged downspout parts, well ship them to you for free of charge. Replacement parts will be sent directly to your home. (Homeowner is responsible for installing replacement parts.) Just call 608-365-0296 and ask customer service to file a claim for replacement part.

Oops... Sometimes it is an accident!

What is covered?
The ACM Gutter Plus Warrantytm covers ACM Brand downspout products installed by an ACM Elite Rainware Contractor. The covered products are aluminum or steel 2x3, 3x4, or round styles of downspout systems. The covered components include "A" and "B" elbows, downspouts, offset extensions, and pipe bands.

What is not covered?

The warranty does not cover damage on a wide spread scale such as tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, and other natural disasters.

Who is covered?

You are covered by this warranty if the products were installed by an ACM Elite Rainware Contractor and you are the original property owner.

Other times it could just be mother nature...

How long does your warranty last?
For as long as you own the home.

Claims: What you must do.
Just call 608-365-0296 and ask for customer service. Look at the pictures on the card you are given at the time of your installation and tell us what you need. Give us the color and the installing contractors name. It's that simple.

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