Crawl Space Insulation

Importance of Crawl Space Insulation

Insulating your crawl spaces is an important factor in the overall comfort and energy-efficiency of your home. For an area so small, a crawl space offers huge energy savings if properly insulated. So whether you’re looking to add to your home’s current insulation or you want to install new insulation, our experienced team at Isbell Services can help.

Many homes throughout the United States have what are commonly referred to as crawlspaces. Crawlspaces are open spaces underneath a portion of a home. They are very common in areas with high moisture content in the soil, split level homes or homes with partial basements. Crawlspaces can cause problems if they are not properly insulated. For instance, some crawlspaces contain water pipes which can, when they experience severe temperature extremes, freeze and burst. Or they may contain un-insulated heating and air conditioning ducts which can waste costly energy. Insulating the crawlspace can help prevent this from occurring. Also, an un-insulated crawlspace can make the floors and temperatures in the home above it colder in winter weather and hotter in the summer, affecting the comfort of the homes inhabitants.

Why You Need Crawl Space Insulation

So why does your crawl space need to be insulated? If your it isn’t well insulated and properly vented, moisture from the ground can cause a lot of water damage and other problems that are a pain to deal with and can be pretty expensive to fix.

If you have a ventilated crawl space, our insulation contractors can insulate the subflooring and between the floor joists. If your crawl space is unventilated, it’s generally recommended to insulate the walls. Whether your crawl space is ventilated or unventilated, sealing is extremely important. Air sealing and insulation are services that often go hand in hand because air leaks can really compromise the performance of insulation. This is especially true when it comes to crawl space insulation—a lot of air leaks in and out of crawl spaces in homes!

Benefits Of Crawl Space Insulation

This particular crawl space also has a vapor barrier.

Is crawl space insulation worth it? In a word, yes! Crawl space insulation offers a number of different benefits beyond just improving your home’s energy efficiency.

In addition to lowering your monthly bills, crawl space insulation:

  • Makes your home more comfortable year round
  • Can eliminate problems like frozen pipes, wood rot, mold and mildew growth and water infiltration
  • Boosts the market value of your house—most buyers value energy efficiency above other things
  • Promotes a healthier environment—reduced energy consumption leads to reduced carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improves the overall performance of your HVAC systems by helping your home stay comfortable

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